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31 July 2014

Celebrating 15 Years

Get Started celebrates its 15th birthday by reflecting on the growth of the digital industry in Australia.

18 June 2014

What is Responsive Design?

Ensuring your business website looks great on any device is the aim of Responsive Design, but exactly what does it mean?

19 May 2014

Mobile Strategy Options

What's the right mobile strategy for you? Mobile options explained.

07 March 2013

Browser Support - Mission Impossible?

Tackling the Prodigious and Near-Impossible Challenge of Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Testing and Quality Assurance

14 December 2011

Get Started launches 150th Website on the Kentico CMS platform

We are proud to announce the launch of Get Started's 150th website on our preferred CMS – Kentico. We are thrilled that was the website that allowed us to reach the significant milestone of 150 Kentico websites. Effectively, we have produced a website developed in Kentico every week for 3 years. Kentico has allowed us to increase the quality of the websites we produce and the service we offer. We enjoy the relationship with Kentico and we love building sites in the Kentico CMS.

10 November 2011

Get Started Sponsors 2011 Idea Pitch for Student Entrepreneurs

We recently had the pleasure of sponsoring The 2011 Idea Pitch where student entrepreneurs were able to present their elevator pitch about their big idea. Over two months, entrants underwent an intensive program to formulate, plan and communicate their business/project idea. Entrants could work together in groups of up to four people.

19 August 2011

Amazon Cloudfront vs Cachefly in Australia - CDN Comparison

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are a great idea for your website if you get lots of traffic, or if that traffic is located all over the world. A CDN can seriously boost your website’s loading speed, and potentially save you a lot of money on your hosting. But not all CDNs are equal. A range of factors such as pricing, ease of access, speed, latency and node locations make your decision of which CDN to use an important one, especially for Australian businesses.

11 July 2011

How we helped Kidspot sell for $10 million more than Myspace

Way back in 2005, two enterprising women came to Get Started with a great idea. It was called Kidspot - an online products and services directory aimed at parents of young kids in Australia. The Internet was a wild and exciting place in 2005 - YouTube was a brand new Internet startup being eyed off by Google, IE6 was Microsoft’s latest and greatest browser, and Facebook accounts weren’t yet available to the public. Fast-forward 6 years and Kidspot has now been sold to News Corp for a reported $45 million!

26 October 2010

Solid Cross-Browser Vector Graphics in Javascript with Raphael

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Web Directions South in Sydney – a conference I’d long heard about but had never had the chance (and good timing) to attend until this year. There were many great presentations there and the one I’d like to introduce you to first is by one brilliant Dmitry Baranovskiy. Dmitry built a javascript library called Raphael which essentially provides a lightweight, cohesive solution for vector graphics across browsers from IE6 onwards, including iPhone and iPad. Why do you care? So. Many. Reasons.

06 August 2010

Get Started Launches the Final Victorian Bushfires Report!

The 2009 Victorian Bushfires were the worst bushfires in Australian history, as now published accounts like these attest. Get Started is truly honoured and proud to announce our involvement in developing the website for The 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission’s final report.

04 March 2010

Australia's catching on

Nielsen's 2010 Internet & Technology report shows a huge jump in Australian internet usage from 2007 to 2010. Perhaps it's time our government took action to ensure we aren't the 'slow-poke' of the web!

18 February 2010

Fixing bugs, Planting trees...

Kentico planted a tree for one of our developers, Michael Jenkinson, as thanks for finding a rare bug in their CMS. It's all part of a program to keep the Kentico CMS ahead of the game.