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Kentico CMS Training

Administrator training


This two day training course will teach business users introductory fundamentals and best practices for using Kentico CMS 5. This course focuses on using Kentico CMS 5 to interact, edit, maintain and manage content within Kentico CMS to deliver dynamic content to a Web site

Developer training


This three day training focuses on providing comprehensive training designed to speed deployments, promote best practices and showcase Kentico CMS capabilities. The training will instruct Web developers on the introductory fundamentals and best practices for building, deploying and maintaining applications with Kentico CMS 5. Additionally, it focuses on using a Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 development environment and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to create Kentico CMS applications using the Kentico API, web parts, and widgets to deliver dynamic content to a Web site.

If either of these training programs appeal to you, please contact us for more information.

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