A new design and a detailed multi-region product catalogue have resulted in an industry-leading site for Nuplex.

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The Challenge

Nuplex, a global resins manufacturer, engaged Get Started to redesign its existing website in time for a global resins expo. The aim was to to bring the site into line with the company’s new branding, as well as improve the user experience. Get Started had just six weeks to implement the redesign. Nuplex also engaged Get Started to develop a detailed online product catalogue.

The Solution

As well as providing a vastly improved user experience, the site’s new design makes data maintenance much more straightforward for the client to manage, via a simple user interface.

Get Started also created a product catalogue that provided more detail than the company had previously ever provided online. This not only involved streamlining the search functionality across more than 700 products, it also had to accommodate the fact that the company is split into four regions worldwide and each region sells a different range of products. The new online catalogue system incorporates browse, search and enquiry forms.

Nuplex now has a site that reflects its position as a market leader within the coating resins market, with easy access to all its coating resins product data on a global scale. This has enabled customers around the world to access a level of product data that was previously only available via direct contact with Nuplex sales representatives.