Our 10 year anniversary!

It's Get Started's 10th birthday, so we're celebrating - cheers!


by Adam Griffith01 July 2009

Get Started is now 10 years old! It's a big milestone for the web industry. We've been celebrating with a heady mix of beer and awesome websites. 

Juicy tidbits anyone? We've got plenty.

Get Started's 10 year anniversary newsletter

That's right - our little business is 10 years old!

Statistically the odds are against any small business making it past 3 or 5 years. Add to this that at the time we entered the industry, .au domain names had only been commercially available for a couple of years and the prospects of a new fledgling industry were questioned by many, including Gerry Harvey who said the Internet was a fad...

We have had dozens of team members contribute to the success of being in business 10 years. And we thank and acknowledge each and every one of you. It is rare when a company can say that for every team member who has left to go on to other things, all speak highly of Get Started and their experience here.

We also want to thank all our amazing clients for their support over the years - we look forward to many more years working with you!

Thank you all for making this business what it is today and for being part of a ‘little company that could’. 

Home page changes

When there's excitement afoot a home page design change is in order. Well, in our world it is! We added a page about the 10 year anniversary to our site but wanted to highlight this for all to see without digging through our site.

And it's simple to make an impression - we received a lot of feedback about our temporary logo-image change:



We cheated and backdated this post to the date of our 10 year anniversary, so we could put everything together in one. 


Extra note:

I'm hunting around for a few pics from our anniversary party, but everyone's being rather shy... can't think of why ;) If I can pry any from the hands of our bashful workers you'll find them here soon.

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