Improving the customer experience with Kentico 8 and Kentico EMS

What's new with Kentico 8? Should I plan to upgrade? Would my business benefit from the Kentico EMS?

Learn more with these presentations, originally delivered at Get Started's Kentico 8 Launch Party in Melbourne this May.

Introducing Kentico 8

Andy Thompson, CTO, Get Started

In this fast-paced presentation Andy Thompson will take you through the top 10 features of Kentico 8, from the total redesign of the user experience to the powerful new ecommerce features.

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Improving the customer experience with Kentico EMS

Adam Griffith, Managing Director, Get Started

Just what is CXM and why does it matter for your organisation?  Adam Griffith takes us through the idea of Customer Experience Management, and how you can use the Kentico EMS to know your customer.

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Explore what's new

Need a reminder of the top 10 features of Kentico 8?
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Download our summary of what is new for Kentico 8.

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Kentico 8 Launch Party

Melbourne, May 2014

These presentations were originally delivered to a collection of our best clients and partners at Mr Mason, Melbourne, in May 2014.
A great night was had by all with plenty of drinks, food and conversation.

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