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eServices Panel & Register

Get Started was appointed to the Victorian Government's eServices Panel on 3 November 2011 in the Design and Development and Hosting categories.

On 2 July 2013, Get Started was appointed to the eServices Register.

Our work with Victorian Government includes the Office of Public Prosecutions, the Victorian Ombudsman and the Essential Services Commission. 

Design and Development

Get Started are experts in .NET, Web/Multimedia and Databases. Our expertise extends to the strategy, usability design, information architecture, content management system development, content loading, load testing, user testing and implementation.

Get Started provide design, HTML development, CMS implementation, and custom ASP.NET development services for the development of over 300 websites in the last 2 years.

Get Started are experts in Kentico CMS. Kentico is being used in the development of the new Office of Public Prosecutions and the Essential Services Commission websites. 

Your Project

We are keen to discuss your Department's project. We have strong knowledge in understanding your needs and the needs of your audience.

The challenge for many Departments is the getting the Information Architecture and the content right. Our methodology focuses on extracting the right information from the right people. Engagement with your team, while limiting the time spent on it, ensures that the project runs smoothly. 

Work with the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission

Get Started was approached by the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission (VBRC) to redevelop their existing website in the Kentico CMS in an extremely short timeframe. Get Started were able to take their existing site and re-implement it completely into the Kentico CMS to enable ease of access and enhanced performance in less than 2 weeks for the Interim Report. The site was developed with .NET and SQL 2008.

The site and database were developed with rigorous development processes. The site is built as a three-tier application following today‘s standards and Microsoft recommendations for enterprise architecture. The site was designed to handle a large number of pages, users and concurrent visitors. We provided content caching that was configured at the page level to ensure fast loading of the pages.

In 2010 Get Started developed the Final Report microsite, which consisted of 4 volumes, over 800 pages of content that contained links to over 80,000 documents,integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) for content, and a load balance hosting environment.

Contact Get Started today to discuss your Department's website or hosting project. 

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