Kentico's Online Marketing Solution

What is the Online Marketing Solution?

Kentico's Online Marketing Solution (also known as the Enterprise Marketing Solution, or 'EMS') is a customer experience management system that empowers businesses and organisations to deliver unique experiences to their website’s visitors that are targeted, data driven, personalised, automated, tracked and optimised. It extends on the core features of the CMS with contact management, analytics and optimisation, content personalisation, and marketing automation.

The changing face of the customer experience

Over the last few years online customer interaction has moved up a notch. Now the discussion is about promoting a back-and-forth communication with visitors. This communication allows businesses to gain a richer and more meaningful understanding of their current and prospective customers.

We now need to think beyond websites and start to embrace the whole digital customer experience. One way is CXM.

What is CXM?

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is a strategy and a practice, not a system or a tool, for managing customers' experiences online and offline. It directly assists organisations to acquire, retain, and turn customers into satisfied loyal brand advocates and ambassadors.

In the changing digital environment, marketers are faced with an increasingly difficult set of questions. What elements can you bring to actually influence the customer experience in the digital world? There are all these different tools that you can use from mobile to desktop, to contact management systems, websites, digital marketing and advertising. How do you bring all of that together? 

That's what Kentico’s Online Marketing Solution does for clients. It helps digital marketers to address customer service requirements with an incorporated solution.


Functionality can be broken up into four key areas: contact management, content personalisation, marketing automation and analytics/optimisation.

Contact Management

Where it all starts is contact management. Fundamentally, it is about understanding the user by tracking what they're doing. When users view your site, Kentico's Online Marketing Solution tracks their location, browser, frequency of visits, platform, time on each page etc. This user profile allows automated segmentation by grouped characteristics. As soon as you begin segmenting the customer base you can start to put users into particular groups and then change the content. Contact management paves the way for the idea of content personalisation for the grouped users.

Content Personalisation

Each customer has separate purchase characteristics: gender, age, location etc. The Contact Management feature creates segmented groups and from this we can tailor the overall user experience.

For example:
A user performs a search on your site for ‘dual door fridges’. When they return to the site, they are presented with a home page featuring items relating to their search. This function changes the user experience by changing the content and changing the messages that user will see. The options of content personalisation are extensive and customisable to your user groups.

Kentico also comes with a third-party recommendation engine that extensively tracks all user data to understand users and deliver customised messages. This can extend into marketing as well, personalising your email messages to be consistent with your website.

Marketing Automation

Kentico provides a visual tool allowing the user to design marketing automation workflows. The automation component enables us to set triggers to prompt defined marketing activities. This can range from delivering different messages on the website to activating email activities or pushing data into CRMs like Salesforce. No technical skills are required to use the visual tool, removing the need for developers.

For example:
A visitor accesses the home page and then a product page. The site waits 3 minutes, making sure the visitor spends time on that page, and then it delivers a message asking them if they want to interact in real-time with you. You then send them an email and they fill out a form on the contact page. Five days later, you send a follow-up email. From there, the contact loops around and you track that activity. 

Analytics and Optimisation

The final key area of functionality is analytics and optimisation. This is where we close the customer experience loop. We can start tracking the performance of marketing automation and content personalisation with each group. We can run the analytics and set up A/B tests, perform multi-variant testing and can understand what actually works. For example, you can test whether one call-to-action is more effective than another. But beyond that, we can deliver completely different home pages to visitors. The system allows you to learn what visitors actually want to do, how you can converse with prospective and existing customers, and how to engage these users based on their purchase preferences.

How the elements of the Online Marketing Solution work together:

Not only do these components work independently, they also work together to provide a holistic CXM experience.

Contact Management allows you to track visitors and build up a large base of data, increasing the options for Content Personalisation. With Marketing Automation you can set up triggers and use the data that you collect through email marketing to feed back into Contact Management and refine your Content Personalisation efforts. All of this is backed up by analytics that can help derive more efficient or effective personalisation from the information collated in the initial stages. The Online Marketing Solution can then pair this information with other marketing activities such as tracking how well your emails are being viewed, which links are more popular and which version of the email is more effective. All of these features work together to deliver a more comprehensive understanding of the user.

The end result is the creation of a better customer experience on your site.

How Get Started can help

One of the challenges of the Online Marketing Solution is understanding how to actually use all this great functionality and how to apply it to your business or organisation. Every business has unique requirements to address. Not everyone has need for a site they can do A/B testing on and deliver recommended products. What if you're an industry association or if you're an insurance company, or a retail business that doesn't have e-commerce, how do you then use the Online Marketing Solution to make the most of your customers' digital experience?

Working with you, Get Started can tailor Kentico's functionality to suit your organisation, including live demonstrations and workshops.

By engaging with Get Started to investigate how to leverage CXM and the Online Marketing Solution in your digital strategy, you will be able to better understand and tailor your customer experience for greater return.


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