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Content Services

Great content is the foundation of great user experiences. Get Started offers content strategy and production services as part of broader digital projects, as well as on an ongoing/retainer basis. We also provide content services in the context of content-only engagements. From strategy to copywriting, we have the expertise to optimise your content for maximum performance.

Content Strategy 

Blindly producing content without a strategy is akin to sailing the world without a compass. Having a solid content strategy will ensure that your content is laser-focused on meeting the needs of your target audience and ultimately on achieving your objectives. 

We can tailor a content strategy to match your requirements and your budget. A content strategy may include any or all of the following:

  • Website content audit – includes compilation of a content inventory, analysis of content against predetermined criteria (e.g. content quality, SEO etc.) and recommendations on how best to deal with existing content and address information gaps. (For more on content auditing, see our blog ‘How to conduct a content audit – and why you should’.)
  • Information architecture audit and sitemap development – using our knowledge of best practices for organising content, we will analyse the structure of your site and suggest an improved hierarchy of information (this may include card sorting and treejack testing – for more information on these services, see our UX Services page).
  • Content objectives outline – we will work with you to understand the nature and purpose of your content and develop principles to guide content production and maximise your investment in content development.
  • User persona development – this involves working with you to understand your key target audiences and their customer lifecycle through workshops and analysis of relevant research and data. 
  • Channel strategy – we will provide recommendations on appropriate distribution channels and tactics (e.g. email marketing, social media, SEO; repurposing content into multiple formats and optimising for omni-channel distribution).
  • Content theme generation – based on an analysis of your user personas and customer lifecycle, we will conduct a workshop with your key stakeholders to develop content themes designed to address your business objectives and the needs of your target audiences.
  • Editorial calendar development and set-up – we will provide you with an editorial calendar template tailored to your requirements and assist relevant team members in implementing it. (Read our blog post on '7 reasons why content calendars fail'.)
  • Content evaluation and metrics framework – based on an analysis of your business and content objectives, we will assist you in defining relevant and workable KPIs and determining methods to help you track your success in achieving these. 
  • Style guide development – this may include anything from a basic Brand Voice Guide (i.e. defining how your brand’s personality is embodied in the way it communicates) to a full Editorial Style Guide, including standards for spelling, punctuation and style. 
  • Email marketing – we can assist you in developing a strategy for using email to achieve your broader marketing objectives, including template and subscription form set-up, unsubscription flows, integration with CRMs, and advice on frequency and content.
  • Social media strategy – while we don’t offer day-to-day social media management services, we can provide you with advice on how social media fits within your broader digital media strategy, as well as assisting with the set-up of social media accounts.

Content Production

We can provide web copywriting and editing services, including: 

Why choose Get Started for content services? 

  • Our content specialists are highly experienced, with backgrounds in journalism, marketing, digital media and law.
  • With digital project work, our specialists will work closely with your broader account management team to ensure that your content requirements are seamlessly integrated into the overall delivery of your digital project.
  • We bring a strong understanding of SEO and the technical side of digital content to our work.
  • We are content producers ourselves, so we understand your challenges from ‘inside the trenches’ – and we know from our own experience what works (For some examples of content we have produced, please visit our blog).
  • We provide realistic recommendations, taking into account your available resources and budget. 

Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your content requirements in detail.

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