AEMO Energy Live

AEMO wanted a standalone site where consumers could access the latest news, perspectives and backgrounders on the energy sector.

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The Challenge

The Australian energy market may be responsible for warming homes but it’s certainly not famous for warming hearts. The sector’s reputational crisis has not been helped in recent years by issues like rising electricity prices and power supply failures. It was against this backdrop that the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) sought the assistance of Hardhat and Get Started to come up with a way to elevate its profile as an independent voice on energy issues, and to provide consumers with a transparent way to engage with the sector.

AEMO had an existing website but it was heavily skewed towards the needs of stakeholders and was very text-heavy and corporate in tone. What it needed was a more consumer-friendly online resource that would provide the public with easy access to information about the energy market, and AEMOs role within it. 

The Solution

The result was ‘Energy Live’, a standalone consumer-facing site built on Sitecore. The site was created as a joint project between Get Started and our longstanding agency partner Hardhat Digital. While Hardhat took care of the design and front end development, Get Started was responsible for the Sitecore implementation.

Energy Live features a clean, image-rich design. It’s easy to navigate and has an accessible, non-technical brand voice that distinguishes it from the main site. Content is divided into five key areas: Latest News, Insights (expert opinion pieces), Energy Explained, Innovation & Tech, and Editor’s Picks.

AEMO’s content administrators now have far more flexibility than they had with the main site in the way they can present articles. Content widgets have been used to provide them with a simple and consistent way to present a variety of content types, including text, imagery, audio, video, and related articles and downloadable content. The site also utilises tags that enable the consumer to filter content by areas of interest, and an on-site search facility ensures that they can easily locate the information they’re looking for. 

The Result

The depth of Sitecore experience among Get Started’s developers enabled us to work closely with AEMO’s internal developers and deploy the project seamlessly in a very short timeframe. The result was a site that has been well received both internally by AEMO, and by consumers. Internally, support for the project was assisted by on-site training that Get Started conducted with content administrators to ensure that they were equipped with everything they needed to run the site smoothly, right from the beginning.

“My job as the AEMO project manager for Energy Live was made significantly easier by having a high quality team of design and back-end specialists building the site. Get Started built a bullet proof and highly functional back-end, which stood up to aggressive testing and gave us no hassles after the launch. This is unusual in the world of websites and technology! The after-sales support and training was also of a very high standard. I have no hesitation recommending Adam and his team for projects like this.”

David Jones, former digital media editor of AEMO