Queensland Competition Authority

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) were under pressure to deliver an improved user experience for price comparison. They approached us to design a new layout that was easy-to-use, fast and gave the user the information they needed.

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The Challenge

The project concept was to replace the existing price comparator with a new design and a completely new content management system (CMS) to drive the data and content. With our support, QCA selected Kentico as their chosen CMS.

The first challenge was delivering on the promise of an improved price comparison experience that was faster and easier to use. This required rethinking the way the input forms were designed and the steps involved in receiving a price comparison. The layout of the forms and the ability to keep the information concise was essential. Consideration was also given to the way the results were to be displayed. In essence, the key challenge was balancing the desire to educate the user with information, whilst ensuring the experience was outcome-focused and not overwhelming.

The Result

The result is a vastly superior user experience for energy and gas price comparision that is fast and enjoyable. QCA are now able to easily update pricing plans for each retailer via the Kentico content management system.