Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance chose Get Started to design and build a website that increased user engagement, optimised the education bookings process, and grew visitation to the Shrine outside of large memorial days.

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The Challenge

The primary challenge was to effectively present the many aspects of the Shrine to the end user without over-complicating the user experience. The many aspects of the Shrine website included their Education and Exhibition programs, the large memorial days and smaller events, the ecommerce store and donation functionality and a large volume of tailored templates to allow for different types of content.

Another key challenge was handling the large amount of content. The Books of Remembrance section was the most difficult part of the project. Hundreds of pages were scanned as high-resolution images and were converted into a virtual book with a Kentico search tool that allows the user to search for their loved one who fought in the Great War. Social tie in via Facebook and Twitter allows user to share this unique experience with their friends and family.

Kentico was seen as the right solution for the Shrine as it offered a range of out of the box features that suited the Shrine's requirements document. The ease of workflow management allowed the Shrine to have a range of content contributors while ensuring content is edited and approved before going live on the site.

The Shrine website utilises many of Kentico's features, including an extensive product catalogue, ecommerce for product purchasing as well as a range of donations and registrations, events and bookings (part integration with a SaaS product called BookingBug), and many custom-built document types to accommodate a broad range of content types.

The Result

The website was redeveloped to provide the community with an online resource that went some way to matching the incredible monument that the Shrine of Remembrance is for Melbourne and Victoria. From launch, the Shrine experienced a 50% increase in traffic and the site visit time doubled. However, the key result was an increase in bookings and dedications left in the books of remembrance; these stand out as key success factors in identifying user engagement.

This site was also recognised as a National Finalist for Best Overall HTML/CSS, Best Overall User Experience and Best Overall Visual Design in the 2012 Web Awards.